Danko Arlingtonā€˜s Environmental Efforts

Danko Arlington is committed to operating a clean, safe and healthy workplace for its employees and the environment. The company has invested over one million dollars of new technology to recycle and manufacture more efficiently.

The green initiatives vary in scale from reclamation to energy reduction. 100% of metal, dross, spent foundry sand, and waste oil are recovered and recycled. Electric demand for lighting and air is cut in half through the use of high intensity (HID) lighting fixtures and variable frequency drive (VFD) air compressors. Energy has also been saved by re-insulating the heat treat department and replacing the entire plant roof with high R value insulation. Company administrative documentation is essentially paperless and electric hand dryers replace paper towels in lavatories.

Danko Arlington is extremely proud of its eco-friendly practices and strives for continual improvements and sustainability in its manufacturing process.