Heat Treating

At Danko Arlington, we are proud to offer in-house heat treating to our customers. For high stress applications, aluminum castings must be subjected to special heat treatments to increase the metal’s strength.
Our heat treaters provide special attention to the process time and temperatures unique to each alloy. The most common heat treat for aluminum is a T6 temper which involves a quench.
A side effect of quenching, however, is twist and distortion. To move the castings back into shape after quench, we have talented craftsmen who use mallets, rulers, and hydraulic presses to get the job done quickly. If necessary, our Machine Division will fabricate custom-engineered metal fixtures to help in the straightening process.
Over the years, we have pioneered data and made recommendations to the government engineers who developed the heat treat standards. When it comes to difficult castings, our team has the knowledge and experience to achieve the highest material properties possible.