Patternmaking was the exclusive business at Danko Arlington when the company started in 1920.
Today, traditional wood patternmaking has become a scarce talent.

Fortunately, our skilled pattern makers have served their apprenticeships
under our older generation and can compliment hand-worked craftsmanship with the latest technology. The shop uses  state-of-the-art rapid prototyping FDM 3D printers to construct patterns in durable ABS or high strength Poly Carbonate plastic. In a matter of hours, patterns, core sticks and core boxes can be printed unattended in a volume up to 36”x36”x24” with accuracies of several thousandths of an inch.  This exciting new and clean technology leaves our competition in the dust…literally.
Reverse Engineering
The Pattern Division also can reverse engineer existing castings or worn
patterns with our portable 7 axis CMM with a built in laser scanner. The
device measures parts in the shop or in the field to an accuracy of
+/- .0015 inches with +/- .0011 inches of repeatability within an 8.2 foot
measuring range!
Warehouse Storage
Danko Arlington also has spacious warehouse facilities to store customer
patterns. Here, tooling is kept in a clean, dry, and well lighted area with
locations categorized by computer for fast retrieval.