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Danko Arlington Acquires Patterns Unlimited, Inc.

On April 5, 2006, Danko Arlington acquired Patterns Unlimited – an industrial pattern shop specializing in metal patterns and core boxes used by large automated green sand foundries. The shop specialized in CNC machined iron and steel patterns used on Hunter, Disamatic, and Osborne equipment, as well as cast iron Shalco, Redford, and Demmler core boxes.

Patterns Unlimited was located in South Baltimore and was founded by Manfred Gersbach, a former employee of Danko Arlington, who was originally sponsored by Danko’s Pattern Division to emigrate from his native Germany to work in the United States.

The additional CNC metal pattern work in cast iron and tool steel provides diversity to Danko Arlington’s CNC machine tool capabilities and is an overall nice addition to the company’s background of pattern making, foundries, and machining.