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Danko Arlington Assists the Disabled

Danko Arlington is pleased to have made rapid prototypes for two new design concepts to assist individuals with disabilities.

Designed by  V-LINC Engineer and Co-founder, Mr. John Staehlin, the new working prototypes will make life’s daily tasks easier for those in wheelchairs.  The concepts include a backpack hook linkage and a tray adapter which can be mounted directly to the chair frame.  With the push of a lever, an individual can easily rotate a hook from the rear of the chair to the side.   The tray adapter will allow a meal tray to be easily attached and reattached.  Production aluminum cast parts may follow after the new products are tested and evaluated in plastic.

Danko Arlington has been associated with Mr. Staehlin since 1982 when he and his fellow engineers founded Volunteers for Medical Engineering at the Westinghouse Corporation, now the Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Division.  In 2010 VME merged with Learning Independence Through Computers (LINC) to become V-LINC.

Our company is very proud of its association with V-LINC and our ability to combine the latest manufacturing technology with years of casting experience to improve the daily lives the disabled.

March 24 2011