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Danko Arlington Casts Historic Cannon

Danko Arlington is honored to have been commissioned by the Battlefield Restoration and Volunteer Organization (BRAVO) to cast a replica cannon which was used in the fight for our nation’s independence.

Mr. Dan Sivilich, president of BRAVO, dedicated the piece as the Molly Pitcher Memorial Cannon on October 24th, 2009 at the Monmouth Battlefield State Park in Freehold, New Jersey. The Battle of Monmouth occurred on June 28, 1778. The conflict is most noted for the actions of two Americans – a brave woman and an insubordinate senior officer.

It was during the battle of Monmouth that Mary Ludwig Hays, wife of soldier William Hays of the Pennsylvania or 4th Continental Artillery regiment, became famously known as “Molly Pitcher” for bringing water to quench thirsty troops and to cool overheated cannons. Remarkably, she also courageously took over her husband’s artillery position when he fell wounded in action. General George Washington later awarded her a commission as an Honorary Sergeant for her selfless actions – an outstanding honor for a woman at that time.

Unlike the praise and commendation for Molly Pitcher during the conflict, General Washington proceeded to try and court-martial Major General Charles Lee, the second in command of the entire continental army, for disobeying direct orders by retreating and causing the battle to become major engagement.

The original cannon is a D’Annae Swedish style 4-pounder and was cast in Strasbourg, France in 1761. It is currently located on the campus of the US Military Academy in West Point, New York.