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Danko Arlington — Green to the Grave

Danko Arlington is committed to environmental sustainability…even to the grave.

After being used in metal casting, Danko Arlington’s foundry sand is 100% recycled into original pure clean dry sand.  From time to time, however, the recycled sand needs to be replaced with new sand.

Instead of offloading the recycled sand to a landfill, Danko Arlington has formed a unique partnership with neighboring Wilbert & Monarch Burial Vaults to provide recycled sand for use in their products.

This collaboration now eliminates precious land fill space and truck emissions from hauling, as well as saves cost for both companies.   The new relationship is just a small, but powerful example of how sharing our earth’s natural resources can be a win-win outcome for two well-established and diverse manufacturers who are committed to going green….even to the grave.

July 7, 2011