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Danko Arlington Hosts UMBC Students


Danko Arlington is again delighted to host today over two dozen engineering students from neighboring University of Maryland, Baltimore County as part of ENME 412 — a mechanical engineering course that teaches component design, manufacturing and product realization.

The company has been helping to educate UMBC undergrad engineers for almost ten years now.  Over the years, the company has developed a special relationship with Dr. Dwayne Arola, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, who is the course instructor and facilitator of this special annual event.

During the visit, students learn and witness, first-hand, how patterns, sand castings, and CNC machining are integrated to produce complex commercial and military components.     Other topics discussed are the use of additive manufacturing (3d printing), sand casting design in CAD, and aspects of material science.

Mr. John Danko, President, who leads the tour and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering himself, is particularly proud to point out that the foundry industry embodies all aspects of mechanical engineering, including metallurgy, strength of materials, heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics,  dynamics, statics, and design.

The plant tour is a great way for students to see how the manufacturing principles they learn in the class room and laboratory are practiced in a local business.

November 8th, 2012