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Danko Arlington Hosts Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs J-4 Team

J4 Logistics Team at Danko Arlington IncJoint Chief Logo

On July 19, 2016, Danko Arlington was honored to host the Pentagon’s Joint Chief’s J-4 Additive Manufacturing Team.

The Joint Staff conducts monthly education tours in the summer months known as JED walks.  Danko Arlington’s membership in America Makes – a public-private partnership, as well as its close proximity to Washington,  helped make this tour feasible.

During the visit, the J-4 Team witnessed a wide variety of machined castings made from 3-D printed FDM tooling.  The company makes custom cast components for all five branches of the Armed Forces.  The tour helped the warfighters understand how Danko Arlington’s additive edge enables the company to  make complex and difficult-to-purchase cast components.

No doubt, the team returned to Washington and advised the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs that Danko Arlington’s increased capabilities and agility is an inspiring model for the entire DOD supply chain.