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Danko Arlington Hosts UMBC Racing

UMBC Racing LogoUMBC Baja 2014

On Wednesday, March 9th  and Monday, April 11th, Danko Arlington was honored to host members of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s Baja Racing Team.

According to Paul Darling, the UMBC Baja Undergrad Team Captain, “we were interested in having several parts that would be more efficient to cast compared to our usual methods. We also have a few things that would be a lot easier to work with if they were 3D printed.”

During the visit, the mechanical engineering students were able to learn about 3-D printing and foundry practice.  Over the following days, Danko Arlington assisted the young engineers to improve their CAD designs to make better castings.  The company eventually provided the team 3-D printed plastic pattern tooling with the condition that they return to the foundry, make the molds, and partake in the casting process.

As a result of this special visit, the team now has a greater appreciation of the art of metal casting. In addition, they now know how foundries use rapid technology in the race to produce prototypes for engineers on the go!