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Danko Arlington Installs Efficient Lighting, Reduces Energy Consumption

Danko Arlington is very pleased to participate in the BGE Small Business Lighting Solutions Program. This environmentally green initiative is a result of the EmPOWER Maryland Energy Efficiency Act of 2008 which legislates lower energy demands including a 15% reduction of per capita consumption by 2015.

Danko Arlington is committed to increasing manufacturing efficiencies, reducing waste, and lessening Maryland’s carbon footprint. With assistance from the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company and C & J Contractors of Laurel, MD, the company replaced every light fixture in the entire 65,000 square foot facility with efficient state-of-the-art HID lighting fixtures. Some of the existing incandescent and fluorescent fixtures were over sixty five years old!

The one time investment will reduce the company’s estimated annual lighting load by 50%, pay for the installation of the new bulbs and fixtures within the year, and reduce greenhouse emissions by 2200 tons a year.

In addition to lowering lighting costs in 2010, Danko Arlington has been very active over the recent years in reducing energy and becoming a cleaner manufacturer. The company now reclaims 100% of spent foundry sand, melts metal with a new electric furnace, runs two new efficient VFD drive air compressors, operates heat treat ovens with new insulation, replaces bathroom paper towels with electric hand dryers, and turns off printers/monitors/computers at night.

Overall, Danko Arlington is very proud of its win-win environmental partnership!