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Danko Arlington Participates in YO! Baltimore

Danko Arlington is very pleased to participate in YO! Baltimore – a unique program operated by the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office of Employment Development for residents between the ages of 16-24.

The program offers local youth the opportunity to learn new skills and workforce opportunities.   Danko Arlington will introduce participants to basic foundry skills such as molding, core making, and nonferrous metallurgy.

For centuries, skilled trades, including the are of metal casting, were taught at the workplace to young people who were known as apprentices.  It was only after many years of on-the-job training, that an apprentice would become a skilled worker, journeyman, or member of a guild.   Many of the company’s current staff started at the age of eighteen as apprentices themselves.  Danko Arlington’s workforce is eager and excited to pass-on years of knowledge and experience to the next generation!

February 2015