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Danko Arlington Presents at Chesapeake Chapter AFS

On Thursday, January 15th, 2015, John Danko presented “The Use of Additive Manufacturing in Sand Casting and Patternmaking” at the American Foundry Society’s Chesapeake Chapter (AFS) winter meeting held at the Bay City Restaurant in Hanover, PA.

During the event, local members learned how Danko Arlington has invested in 3-D printing technology to replace the construction of traditionally hand-made patterns.  Also discussed, were the accuracies, efficiencies, and benefits of plastic printed tooling over CNC machined ren-shape or metal tooling.

Overall the chapter benefited by hearing how additive manufacturing can overcome the lack of tool and die making skills today that have been so essential for the industry.  Also discussed were the new type of tech-jobs that Danko Arlington has created — new skills required for 3-D printing and CAD designers, new positions for lower skilled workers, including molders, coremakers, and grinders, as well as a glimpse of the metal casting in the future.

Needless to say,all who attended were in agreement that in order to survive, American foundries need to adapt, grow, and compete in an ever increasing digital world.