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Danko Arlington Presents At Northrop Grumman ESSS AM Fair

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On October 14-15, 2015, Danko Arlington was honored to be included in Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems’ First Additive Manufacturing Fair held at its Linthicum, Maryland facility.

During the event, Danko Arlington shared its decades of history as an aluminum sand casting vendor for current ESSS and former Westinghouse programs. It’s hard to believe that back then, skilled pattern makers made foundry patterns out of pine and mahogany by entirely hand.

Today, with the retirement of that “greatest generation,” Danko Arlington is pioneering new methods in 3-D printing accurate and reliable foundry tooling, as well as printing some non-critical aerospace metal parts in lightweight thermoplastic. As a result, the company is expanding its additive capabilities – manufacturing components which were once inconceivable with traditional casting and CNC methods.

Likewise, additive manufacturing also is providing Northrop Grumman new innovation to create superior products at lower costs. Overall, the Tech Fair provided an exciting “win-win” atmosphere for engineers and vendors – underscoring The Value of Performance of Northrop Grumman.