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Danko Arlington Casts a Cross for Baltimore’s St. Andrew’s Christian Community

Danko Arlington was honored to cast an exact replica of an antique Celtic bronze cross for Baltimore’s St Andrew’s Christian Community.

The bronze casting is an exact copy of a cross which was loaned to the foundry from the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmington in Wilmington, Delaware. That cross was one of a forty-five piece casting lot made decades ago. Another piece from that original lot is found today at Saint Columba’s Cathedral on the Island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland.

The bronze castings are scaled copies of an ancient stone cross known as the St. John’s Cross which was erected in the 8th Century to honor of Saint Columba who founded the island as missionary base.

Both sides of the cross include Celtic art designs depicting present life and life after the resurrection. The round ring depicts the circle of life as taken from the Druid tradition. Intertwining snakes symbolize the shedding of skin as Christians leave their earthly life and enter into an eternal life. The cross is also famous for containing three elephants which symbolized the wise men at the Nativity.

On November 23rd, 2006, Mr. Howard Goodrich and his wife, Velvia, represented Danko Arlington at a special dedication ceremony officiated by Reverend Ernest Smart at the St. Andrew’s Christian Community Church located on 5802 Roland Avenue. Also in attendance were congregation members, Mr. Malcomb Dutterer, representing the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Harold Beehler, benefactor for the project, and Mr. David Zimmerman, who captured the event on film.